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Our goal is to provide quality chiropractic care for all patients who come into our office.

Patients come into the office for many different reasons. They may have conditions related to an auto accident, sports or work injury, and others want to improve their posture and health. 

Treatment is set up to get the best results for each patient. This is different for each patient, for some this can be returning to exercise and working out, for others it is simply to be able to return to work and regular daily activities, and improving their health.

Patients are treated to provide improvement in their spinal function whether it is a condition due to a disc herniation, disc degeneration, poor posture or limited mobility. 

 To set up an appointment please call 718-655-0487 or contact us thru the website.

If you have questions about a specific condition call the office at the same number 718-655-0487.

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808 Allerton Avenue Bronx, NY, 10467

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